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Tree Surveys

Development site surveys to BS5837 to accompany planning applications.

These tree surveys, reports and drawing plans include:

Tree constraints plans

Arboricultural impact assessments

Tree protection plans

Site monitoring visits

Arboricultural method statements

Discharge of arboricultural planning conditions

We have extensive knowledge of the planning system and British Standard 5837. We are accomplished at overcoming tree constraints to allow successful development of land, especially sites with protected trees.

It is most useful to engage with us at the early stages of your project. We can carry out pre-purchase checks and advise on the likely development potential of a plot of land.

After this we can provide a Tree Constraints Plan (TCP) which shows above and below ground constraints the trees impose on your site. Above being sunlight shading, below being root protection areas. It is useful if you have a topographical survey (land survey) for us to use, this plan will show the locations of the trees plotted by the land surveyor. This topo is then used through out your development, your architect will use it as will drainage and other engineers and consultants.

During this stage we develop the Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA), showing the impact the development will have on the existing and retained trees. We also can show new planting to any offset tree losses. 

The final drawing plan is the Tree Protection Plan (TPP), which shows how the trees will be protected during development, this plan is the one the Local Authority will rely on to ensure trees are not damaged during construction. The position of any construction exclusion zone (CEZ) fencing will be shown on this plan, as will any special protection to be implemented.


Once your planning consent has been granted, we are on hand to carry out arboricultural site monitoring visits, which Local Authorities include as a condition to the planning consent. We check tree protection is in place and adequate and provide sign off so this condition can be discharged once construction is complete.

If you would like to discuss any of the trees call us to talk through your options and get some advice on how best to proceed. You can find out more about our previous clients here.

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